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Our Family

Farmers, ranchers and artisan producers of the coastside farmers markets

  • Farmers' Market crew hard at work!
  • Airielle Love · Fly Girl Farm · Pescadero
  • Erin Tormey · Farmer of the Year
  • Thalia · Go To Chocolate
  • The HEAL Project · Half Moon Bay · First public school to earn a Certified Producers Certificate
  • Erin Tormey · Farm Fatales on Irish Ridge · Half Moon Bay
  • Maria · La Milpa
  • Mathieu and Jennifer Simms · Simms Organic
  • Those Ibarra Cruz Girls!
  • Eda and Farmer John · Daylight Farms · Half Moon Bay

We have had the privilege and pleasure of creating two thriving markets that have become crucial pieces in ensuring the sustainability of emerging young farmers, supporting our established family farms, and preserving the treasured agricultural heritage and community spirit of the Coastside.

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